Stories for Life - how stories shape and change our lives
“Here we have our present age... Man today, stripped of myth, stands famished among all his pasts and must dig frantically for roots, be it among the most remote antiquities." Friedrich Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Music
What is Stories for Life about?
This website and the workshops we run explore how story, myth, metaphor, and personal narrative can shape and change your life.
We believe that the deeper patterns in stories and myths serve as blueprints that can shape our whole lives. Stories and fairy tales we heard as children, books we read, films we watch and even music we listen to all influence us unconsciously.
The events of our lives also create our stories and the narratives that emerge in turn inform both our perception of those events and how we respond to further events. Most of us are only half awake, living a myth we have been told or that we keep telling (and experiencing) ourselves.

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In our workshops we will help you to...
Explore how stories shape your model of the world and help you identify the stories that have influenced your life, from childhood up to the present
See if those stories still work for you and help you find ways to affirm those stories or re-frame them

Find ways to create a new story that will enable you to make lasting changes now or in the future

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As human beings, we are all hard-wired for story. The brain is a metaphorical pattern-matching machine and for much of the time our outer lives reflect our inner realities.
If you can adjust your model of reality (by changing your personal narratives) you have the power to transform your life.

Unfortunately, many of us become 'entranced' within limiting stories about ourselves and our lives. This is nearly always the result of early negative life experiences. 
Until we become aware of these basic 'plot-lines' and begin to consciously transform them, they replay over and over again, affecting how we feel about ourselves, others and the world around us.
We believe that stories also need witnessing, so our workshops are as much about listening to the stories of other people, and understanding how they inter-connect with our own, as well as tending/attending to our individual tales.

What you get from Stories for Life workshops
  • If you love the enchanting nature of stories our workshops are for you. You'll have the chance to tell your own favourite stories and hear others tell theirs. 
  • You will be helped to identify the stories (and the deeper meanings contained within them) that might have shaped your life and whether these stories are still appropriate or need updating.
  • You will learn how metaphors and patterns within a story act as a template that the brain tries to complete in the real world. We'll explain exactly how this happens.
  • If you have repeating themes and problems in your life our workshops will help you identify the stories that may be contributing to or even causing them. Many peoples' problems are held in place because of an old, out-dated pattern in the unconscious mind.
  • If you are going through changes in your life our workshops will help you come to a better understanding of what those changes might mean and how you can deal with those changes in a healthy way by writing a new 'story for life', in effect, setting up a new 'pattern' to follow.
  • If you are a psychotherapist, counsellor, hypnotherapist, social worker, or anyone working in health care and are interested in finding (new) ways to use stories and metaphor to help your clients or patients, our workshop 'The Power of Story for Professionals' will equip you with new, creative skills.
If you have a professional interest in stories and the use of metaphor or if you want to investigate what stories mean to you on a more personal level, perhaps just as a form of ‘serious play’, then find out about our next workshops here or contact us with any questions you might have. 
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